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Is atorvastatin a beta blocker?

Is atorvastatin a beta blocker?

Atorvastatin is not a beta-blocker, it is a cholesterol-lowering agent. However, it is commonly prescribed with beta-blockers for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Does Lipitor cause constipation

Does Lipitor cause constipation?

Lipitor is reported to cause gastrointestinal side effects including constipation, flatulence, and abdominal pain. Find more in this articel

Does atorvastatin make you sleepy

Does atorvastatin make you sleepy?

No clear evidence that atorvastatin makes you sleepy or cause sleep disturbance. However, it is rare to cause you to feel fatigued and this rare side effect may make you sleepy

What is considered high dose of atorvastatin

What is considered a high dose of atorvastatin?

Atorvastatin’s daily dose may range from 10mg to 80 mg depending on the reason for use. However, for children and adults and whatever the reason for atorvastatin administration, the daily dose shouldn’t exceed 80 mg per day

Can I eat bananas with atorvastatin

Can I eat bananas with atorvastatin?

You can eat bananas with atorvastatin in case there are no other medications that affect your potassium blood levels such as ACE inhibitors and ARBs. Eating bananas could help to lower blood cholesterol levels that give a synergistic effect to atorvastatin.

atorvastatin hair loss

Does atorvastatin cause hair loss?

Hair loss is a very rare side effect of atorvastatin which is reported in rare individual cases. In which hair grow back after cessation of atorvastatin.

Can I take vitamin D and zinc together

Can I take zinc and vitamin d together?

You can take vitamin D and zinc together with no possible interactions. Vitamin D has many cofactors that are essential for vitamin D activation to exert its function. Zinc is among the cofactors required for vitamin D activation.

Do blood thinners make you lose weight

Do blood thinners make you lose weight?

Blood thinners are commonly reported to decrease appetite, accordingly, they could make you lose weight. Find more about side effects of blood thinners in this article.

Blood thinners side effects fatigue

Blood thinners side effects fatigue

Blood thinner commonly induces bleeding, therefore, a low blood cell count can cause you to experience fatigue.