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Should i take vitamins while fasting

Should I take vitamins while water fasting?

Taking vitamins during water fasting is a controversial question. One point of view state that vitamins are Ok during fasting, while another view state that vitamins should be avoided during water fasting. Find more in this article.

Can I take vitamin D and zinc together

Can I take zinc and vitamin d together?

You can take vitamin D and zinc together with no possible interactions. Vitamin D has many cofactors that are essential for vitamin D activation to exert its function. Zinc is among the cofactors required for vitamin D activation.

Vitamins cause sweating

Vitamins that cause sweating

Some vitamins are found to be strongly associated with the rate of sweating. Vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency were reported to cause more sweating.

magnesium deficiency symptoms in female

Magnesium deficiency symptoms in females

Magnesium deficiency in females is associated with a wide range of disorders such as the increased risk of depression, hypertension, osteoporosis, preeclampsia, polycystic ovary syndrome, and others.

Causes of low magnesium and potassium

What causes low magnesium and potassium?

The main causes of low magnesium and potassium blood levels include low intake, increase loss through the kidney, and medications-induced low magnesium and potassium blood levels.

Drugs that cause low potassium blood levels

What drugs can cause low potassium levels?

The most common drugs that cause a low potassium level include diuretics, some antibiotics, insulin, bronchodilators, laxatives, and theophylline. Also, drugs that lower the blood magnesium level could also cause a low potassium blood level.

How to reduce too much calcium in blood

How to reduce too much calcium in your blood?

To reduce high calcium blood level, you have to keep hydrated, check your medications to avoid medications that induce hypercalcemia, control your vitamin D blood level, avoid smoking, and avoid or reduce your calcium-rich diet.

Causes of high calcium level

What causes high calcium in the blood?

The most common causes of high calcium in your blood are the increased secretion of parathyroid hormones, cancer, and chronic renal failure. In this article, find more about the causes and symptoms of high calcium in your blood in this article.

Causes of low calcium level

What causes low calcium level?

The main causes of low calcium blood level (Hypocalcemia) are parathyroid gland problems, vitamin D deficiency, low calcium intake in your diet, and drug-induced low calcium level. In this article, we discuss the causes and the symptoms of hypocalcemia.

Dangerously low sodium blood leve

Dangerously low sodium levels

Dangerously low sodium blood level occurs when sodium level decreases rapidly within a few hours (less than 48 h). This condition dangerously affects your brain functions and bad outcomes usually result.