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Low sodium blood level in the elderly patients

What causes low sodium levels in elderly?

The main causes of low sodium levels in the elderly are decreased kidney function with age, certain medications commonly used with elderly patients, and diseases that are common among the elderly.

Causes of low sodium levels

What causes low sodium levels?

The Low sodium levels could result from diseases such as liver cirrhosis, and kidney problems, hormonal changes, excessive water intake, and certain medications such as diuretics and antidepressants. In this article, we provide you with more details about the causes of low sodium levels.

Can iron supplements causes diarrhea?

Can iron supplements cause diarrhea?

Iron supplements are reported to increase or decrease your bowel movements. You may suffer from diarrhea or constipation following the administration of iron supplements.

How to correct magnesium deficiency?

Asymptomatic magnesium deficiency can be treated with oral supplements of magnesium. Severe magnesium deficiency needs hospitalization and intravenous administration of magnesium supplements.

Low magnesium and potassium symptoms

Low magnesium blood levels (hypomagnesemia), and low potassium levels (Hypokalemia) are commonly associated with symptoms related to muscles contraction, nervous system, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal system

Can I Take Vitamin D at Night?

The absorption of vitamin D is greatly affected by your meal. It is better to be taken after a fat-rich diet. Taking vitamin D at the morning is better.