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Can I eat bread after tooth extraction?

The short answer;

Eating bread, toast, bagels, crusty bread, and muffins is restricted for the first few days after tooth extraction. Tough food can harm you and may be broken into small pieces and stuck at the surgery site leading to complications.

Key Facts:

  • It is not allowed to eat bread after tooth extraction and it is better to wait a few days to eat bread safely following tooth extraction.
  • Other tough foods such as toast, bagels, crusty bread, and muffins are also restricted.
  • Hot food and drinks are not allowed after tooth extraction.
  • Avoid all foods that could lead to irritation at the surgery site including spicy foods, acidic foods, and crunchy foods.
  • You can eat soft foods with high nutritional value for a smooth and fast recovery

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What happens to your oral cavity after tooth extraction?

There are two types of tooth extraction which are simple extraction and surgical extraction.

The simple extraction is performed when there is enough of your tooth visible to pull out.

The surgical extraction is performed when there is no enough portion of your tooth is visible. The dentist needs to make an incision to be able to reach your tooth. This occurs commonly when the tooth is stuck in bone or gum tissue (Ref).

Following your tooth extraction, you might suffer from pain and discomfort as the anesthesia wear off.

You may have bleeding at the site of extraction for up to a few hours (2-3 hours) until a blood clot is formed which stops the bleeding.

During the first 1-2 days following a tooth extraction, the new gum tissue will start to form in the hole even if it is not visible to you.

Can I eat bread after tooth extraction?

The short answer is No, you shouldn’t eat bread after tooth extraction.

Bread, toast, bagels, crusty bread, and muffins are restricted for the first few days after tooth extraction (Ref.).

Why bread and tough food are restricted after tooth extraction?

You should avoid eating bread after tooth extraction for the following reasons;

  • Bread and tough food when broken into small pieces, can stick at the surgery site leading to pain sensation and other complications (Ref.).
  • Also, broken bread may cause serious damage to your gum. To avoid pain and irritation you have to avoid eating bread after tooth extraction.
  • You can start eating bread after five days of your surgery. When you feel your jaw and gums become stronger.
  • It is better to start with soft bread first.

What foods to avoid after tooth extraction?

Spice food

  • Spicy foods are off your menu for the first few days after your surgery. This type of food could irritate the site of surgery.
  • Spice foods could increase your discomfort and pain sensation.

Sticky food

  • Avoid sticky food such as caramel, honey, sauces, and heavy creams.
  • This sticky food needs to be removed by your brush. However, you aren’t allowed to use your toothbrush for the first few days following your tooth extraction.

Hot food

  • In a normal healthy state, many people have tooth sensitivity against cold and sometimes hot foods and beverages. However, other people don’t.
  • After tooth extraction, tooth sensitivity against hot and cold food and beverages could significantly increase.
  • Those who previously have tooth sensitivity and those who haven’t should avoid eating or drinking hot foods after tooth extraction.

What food to eat after tooth extraction:

You have to carefully select your food after tooth extraction surgery. The best choice is a soft, well-balanced diet for the first few days after your surgery.


  • Soups and broths are soft and creamy. They are a good choice after your surgery.
  • Chicken soup is recommended after your surgery. It has a good nutritional value and is easily administered without the need for chewing.
  • Soups rich in minerals and vitamins also, fluid keep you hydrated (Ref).


  • Eggs could be suitable for your health. You can eat 1-2 eggs per day (Ref).
  • In this case, you can stir eggs until barely firm. You could add your preferred cheese to this meal.


  • Cheese is a good choice for you after your tooth surgery.
  • It represents a source of probiotics. Soft cheese in small pieces could be easily ingested without pain.


  • Yogurt is full of protein. Due to its cool temperature, and smooth texture, yogurt could help relieve your pain after your surgery

Ice cream

  • Ice cream with its cold temperature helps to relieve your pain with a numbing sensation.

Well-cooked pasta

  • Well-cooked pasta is soft and easy to ingest.
  • It is better to cut it into small pieces to be easily ingested


1. How do you know when a tooth needs to be pulled?

You may need a tooth extraction in the following cases (Ref):

  • When you feel severe continuous pain in your gums, jaw, or neck. it may indicate an infection in your tooth or gums or you have a deep cavity causing your pain.
  • When you have a fractured tooth
  • When you have an impacted tooth.
  • In case of severe tooth decay in the form of cavities.
  • When you have a crowded tooth

2. How long after tooth extraction can I eat normally?

  • You can eat normally your usual foods for 3 days after tooth extraction.
  • Avoid chewing at the extraction site for at least 2 weeks.

3. Can I eat rice after tooth extraction?

Yes, you can eat rice after tooth extraction.

  • Rice is an example of soft food you can eat after tooth extraction with less harmful effects or pain.
  • It is easily digested and could provide you with a high source of carbohydrates.