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Causes of low magnesium and potassium

What causes low magnesium and potassium?

The main causes of low magnesium and potassium blood levels include low intake, increase loss through the kidney, and medications-induced low magnesium and potassium blood levels.

Drugs that cause low potassium blood levels

What drugs can cause low potassium levels?

The most common drugs that cause a low potassium level include diuretics, some antibiotics, insulin, bronchodilators, laxatives, and theophylline. Also, drugs that lower the blood magnesium level could also cause a low potassium blood level.

Low magnesium and potassium symptoms

Low magnesium blood levels (hypomagnesemia), and low potassium levels (Hypokalemia) are commonly associated with symptoms related to muscles contraction, nervous system, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal system